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With AndroRat which can give you all information about Android phones, just one click. Messages, call logs, contacts, and much more, your search might end after reading this message. Here we provide you the amazing AndroRat app. This application is a combination of Android and Rat (remote access). By using it, you can remotely access a java phone and retrieve all the information on that phone.

AndroRat is a client/server application, it provides access to all the people connected to your personal network. So whoever is using your network can be tracked using this app. So you can remotely access Android phones, access, and retrieve all the information on specific Android phone. This tool is created for personal safety reasons and for good purposes. Therefore, you must use it to gain pedagogical meaning and knowledge.

You can hack an Android phone, access all information on that phone like messages, contacts, call logs, network location, browsing history. You can even use this phone’s camera to take a photo of the person using the Android phone at the time. You can monitor the phone live, with incoming and outgoing calls, live message playback, live message sending, live calls, and change phone settings in real-time. It would be nothing to use the AndroRat application.

Just download this free AndroRat app from the link below. Install it on your device and create an ID using this app. You must obtain authorization by consulting the administrator rights for a specific network. So after confirming this ID, you will see all the networks that use your network. So, enter the IP address of a device and know everything that is happening there.

Now you can download the AndroRat APK file from the link below; grab the installation file from the link we have already updated. If the link below doesn’t work or shows some kind of error, please comment in the section.

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How to use AndroRAT

Now we will discuss the steps in which we are going to use AndroRAT to hack Android devices or Android phones. These steps are listed below:

First step:

If you try to use the router’s port forwarder to find out the IPv4 address, with which you can find your own IP address by opening the command prompt also known as CMD. When you’ve opened the CMD, all you need to do is type IP config, then hit the Enter button, and then copy your IPv4 address.

Second step:

You just need to install the router port forwarder and after installation opens it by double-clicking its icon. The first thing you need to do is detect your router, when you are done, you just need to click the Add button and then give it a name, you need to leave the protocol the same as TCP, then just select any port for example 8086, then at the end, just you have to enter your IPv4 address.

Third step:

All you have to do is find an application that will be installed on the Android phone that you are going to use or control with your PC or laptop. You can create your own application simply by using the AndroRAT APK workbook. Now you need to go to the folder called AndroRAT, then open the AndroRAT workbook. Then you need to choose the Build option through which you can create your own fake app, you can also bind your own fake app using the Bind + Build option which can be done using other apps.

Fourth step:

Now you can fully control the Android phone where you installed the application you just created using AndroRAT, go to the AndroRAT folder, open it and start or just run the AndroRAT server application. Then go to the server tab and select the Select a port option. Then you need to re-enter the port forwarding you used before. Then restart the application by opening and closing it.

How to Install.

  • Download the app by the given link
  • Install the app
  • Enjoy.

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