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Android is a mobile operating system that is based upon updated version of Linux and other source programs. Android was primarily designed to use in touchscreen mobile devices, tablets and smart phones. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit ARM and x86, x86-64.

Smart phones and android are not same thing, smart phone refers to any mobile that can run applications such as internet browsers.In other words, you can say that smart phones are computer not just phones. Similarly, the term android does not refer to one specific smart phone though.Android is an operating system like Microsoft windows and IOS.

In other words, when a device goes from just working to actually making life easier,Android is reason behind it. It’s reason that your GPS avoids traffic, your watch can text and your assistant can answer questions. Android is an operating system inside 2.5 billion active devices. Everything from 5G phones to stunning tablets, Android powers them all.

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